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The new labour Laws Workmen Injury Benefit Act (WIBA) 2007 and Occupational safety & Health Act  (OSHA) 2007 stipulates many requirements that must be fulfilled by employers. Unless the occupiers/employers fulfil the requirements,the directorate of Occupational Sefety and Health Services (DOSHS) can prohit, confisticate property on behalf of the state or sue with the penalities either fines and or jail term can for the directors, owners and workers.Productivity Consulting Limited offers a package compliance. The package will include; registration, fire safety training, fire drills, fire audits, safety audits, health and safety training, risk assessment, occupational medical examinations, first aid training, statutory plant inspection  and hygiene survery ; chemical, dust and microbial  content -the efficancy of ventilation system will aso be monitored among others . Institutions approved to train on fire safety, first aid, occupational safety and health will be engaged. As a result, institutions can focus on there core bussiness. Intitutions compying the OSHA 2007 and WIBA 2007 has minimal exposures. Based on our past client experiences, they can negotiate for minimal insuarance premium as a result of there compliance.


Approval of building plans will also be undertaken by seaking approval from the relevant approving agencies

For institutions seeking ISO certification, they need not look further

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