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Productivity Consulting Limited is a training and consulting company specializing in the following areas: (i) productivity (efficiency and effectiveness), (ii) occupational safety & health and (iii) environmental compliance.The company has strageticaly positioned itself to be the productivity centre in Kenya and Africa.  As a productivity centre of Kenya and Africa;  it is to act as a clearing house for productivity training and publication.

Our pools of consultants are drawn both locally and internationally.  Their academic credentials, professional training and experience are the best in the country.  Thus, our services and products are of superior value & quality and are informed by government guidelines. In addition to our local consultants, we have international consultants from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, Mauritius, and Zambia.

Additionaly, the company is approved by the Directorate of Occupational Safety & Health Services In the Ministry of Labour as a trainer in First Aid, Fire Safety & safety Commitee training and  has obtained approval as a trainer by National Industrial Industrial Authority ( Formaly Directorate of  Industrial Training) as industrial training provider in Kenya. It is registered by National Evironmental Manegement Authority  (NEMA) in Kenya as a firm of Environmental Experts.

Our present and past satisfied customers include government agencies as well as non-governmental industries/agencies including hospitality, security, banking, telecommunications, construction, manufacturing, education, service industry, sports industry, automotive and  civil engineering, printing, horticulture and information technology industries.

The consultants are Asian Productivity Organization (APO) resource persons or APO trained productivity practitioners. Below is a list of their technical knowledge:
1. Productivity
2. Green productivity/Environmental
3. Human Resource Management
4. Business management
5. Finance
6. Accounting
7. Project Management
8. Occupational Safety & Health
9. Occupational Medicine
10. Engineering
11. Building and Construction etc

In special but rare cases, we source and engage external   expert(s) are to augment our services.  The consultants have over the years serviced both big and small Organisations from both the public and private sector. Some of the Industries that our consultants have worked are:
1. Government Agencies
2. Non-profit Organisations
3. Petrol-Chemical
4. Oil and gas
5. Shipbuilding
6. Food Manufacturing
7. Automotive Repair
8. Semi-conductor
9. Electronics, Manufacturing
10. Garment Manufacturing Furniture Manufacturing
11. Metal Fabrication
12. Precision Engineering
13. Environmental Engineering
14. Wholesale and Retail
15. Telecommunications
16. Transport and Logistics
17. Printing
18. Imaging and Design Services
19. Food Catering
20. Canteens and Restaurants
21. Construction
22. Renovation and Interior Design Services
23. Education
24. Laundry
We at Productivity Consulting Limited offer a number of management consulting services. The services include: management diagnostic surveys, specialized surveys and studies, problem solving projects, assisting in implementation and acting as management advisor
As productivity champion, we aim to provide independent world class advisory service, act as a change agent participate in problem solving, provide knowledge and skills to businesses, governments
With your support, we grantee to identify and solve 20 percent of causes responsible for 80 percent of your problems


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