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The new labour Laws Workmen Injury Benefit Act (WIBA) 2007 and Occupational safety & Health Act (OSHA) 2007 stipulate many requirements that must be fulfilled by employers. Institutions’ complying the OSHA 2007 and WIBA 2007 has minimal exposures. Based on our past client experiences, they can negotiate for minimal insurance premium as a result of there compliance Unless the occupiers/employers fulfill the requirements, the directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services (DOSHS) can prohibit, confiscate property on behalf of the state or sue with the penalties’ either fines and or jail term can for the directors, owners and workers. Productivity Consulting Limited offers package compliance.

After a rigorous vetting process productivity consulting limited was granted the approvel to train in occupational safety and health, fire safety and first aid. This was a result of the companies commitment to engage the best profesional in occupational safety and health,  consultant medical doctors and senior nurses in addtion to our team of extremely trained fire engineers and auditors.

Our package will include:

1. Registration and self assessment
2. Fire safety
3. Fire marshals’ training
4. Staff fire sensitization
5. Fire drills
6. Fire audits
7. Fire fighting appliances and equipments
8. Safety audits
9. Health and safety training
10. Occupational Safety Risk assessment
11. Occupational medical examinations
12. First aid training
13. First aid box content
14. Statutory plant inspection  
15. Hygiene surveys
i. Chemical
ii. Dust
iii. Microbial content
iv. Efficiency of ventilation system
15. Industrial 5 S Good housekeeping and visual management
16. Incident recording and investigation
Our partner institutions approved to train on fire safety, first aid, occupational safety and health will be engaged. As a result, institutions can focus on there core business.
For institutions seeking ISO certification, we offer a one stop solution to occupational safety and health compliance

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