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The basic business Principles training programme is designed to familiarize operational  employees with basic business principals of their organizations i.e. the 6 Ms – Men, Money Market, Material,  Machinery and Management.

 Key features

  • The programme is customized on the basis of organization specific information.
  • The training is highly participative and practical with the emphasis of small groups to enhance learning.
  • The course is run on a modular basis to ensure that learning is put into practice after each session and prior to the following session.
  • Training will be give feedback and positive reinforcement throughout the course.
  • At the end of the course, trainee will be given the opportunity to de4monstrate what they have learnt from the training.


  • To explain to employees the fundamental business principals involved in the function of their organization, focusing especially on the financial principals.
  • To spell out the consequences of these principals and constraints for the individual employee
  • To improve productivity and changing employee behaviour towards the company resources and making them quality oriented
  • To demonstrate what the company should do to be successful
  • To show how the employee can contribute to and benefit from the success of the company


The implementation of the basic business programme can potential improve material wastage, loss of equipment, damage to product, theft, accident, absenteeism, productivity, timekeeping, motivation, labour turn over, machine maintenance,  house keeping and attitudes

Contents of the programme

The basic business programme is modular in format and the contents as follows.

Module 1: How the organization was created

Module 2: How competition, market and other constraints influence the organization

Module 3:  Source of income, distribution of income, loss and profit situation and implications

Module 4:  Effective utilization of resource

Module 5: Trainees demonstrations

Trainees are given the opportunity the place to demonstrate what they have learnt from the training, Trainer evaluate the effectiveness and understanding of concepts, covered during training.

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